Happy Birthday Jay: Jamie Smith

Jay Maisel is 80 years old today. He is my former employer, current mentor, and one of the greatest color photographers in the world, in history, ever. He is also an authentic and unique artists who has taken some amazing pictures. Some he took with a film camera, but for the past decade he has used a digital camera. In either case, he has always worked very hard and used his mind to create some very memorable images. He always made art. But he isn’t done yet!

He doesn’t play golf and he isn’t retired – he continues to photograph, and he continues to make art. So far, his art has left a lasting impression. He is still working hard to make new art. He still ALWAYS carries his camera.

You might want to take a look at his work. You might appreciate it. You might enjoy it. You won’t be around forever. His art will, but your chance to appreciate it is fleeting.

However you choose to spend your time, please enjoy and appreciate it – even if it is hard for you to appreciate what lasting impression you might leave for others to enjoy by simply being who you are.

Happy Birthday Jay. Did you shoot anything interesting today? I look forward to seeing what you got!

Your Friend,